Calculate your waist

Overweight, obesity: Measure your waist

To measure your waist take a centimeter (a tape measure), the last under the symbol after having lapsed at the end of expiration, without pressing on your skin.

A large waist is witnessing a high body fat. This is the fat inside the abdomen. This high abdominal fat predisposes :

  • diabetes,
  • to hypertension
  • the increase in blood lipids
  • suffer from cardiovascular disease

Waist size

Classification of risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension Men Women
cm cm
Low < 94 < 80
Increased > 94 > 80
Significantly increased > 102 > 88

Measuring your waist can assess the significance of excess weight.

  • Thus, for a man, a waist between 94 and 102 cm indicates overweight. Beyond 102, we talk about obesity.
  • For overweight women when it comes to his waist is between 80 and 88 cm.

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