NeOpuntia lipophilic properties

The lipophilic properties is a term that explains the peculiarity that the NeOpuntia ® (nopal) to draw and retain fat in the body. The lipophilic character is identifiable by its ability to dissolve in lipids, in fact they have a strong affinity for fats. In vitro tests (Model GI – TNO – Netherlands) showed that soluble and insoluble NeOpuntia ® (nopal) interact physically with the fat. So this creates interference and leads to opuntia ficus indicadissolution of the two substances (lipophilic and fats) into contact. Thanks to these original properties, the NeOpuntia ® (nopal) helps reduce the absorption of fat ingested in the stomach. A clinical study have brought to light that the lipophilic properties of NeOpuntia ® (nopal) could increase the elimination of fats from 27% on average ingested during a meal.

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