NeOpuntia the health benefits

Moreover, it has been shown NeOpuntia ® (nopal) had the ability to balance blood lipid parameters which gives a lower cardiovascular risk and act positively on the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome (metabolic syndrome is the association of several clinical and laboratory abnormalities in multiplying by three the risk of cardio-vascular).
The benefits of NeOpuntia ® (nopal) on healthNeOpuntia
A study has been published about the benefits of NeOpuntia ® (E. Linares et al. “The Effect of blood lipid parameters are NeOpuntia – Risk Factors for the Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X).” Advances in Therapy Vol. 24, No.5, September / October 2007).

The NeOpuntia ® do no toxicological tests could prove it’s completely safe.

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