NeOpuntia (nopal)

Latin name: Opuntia ficus-indica. Common name: NeOpuntia cactus leaf

NeOpuntia ® (nopal) slimming properties

The NeOpuntia ® (nopal) is the most innovative health ingredient (awarded the silver trophy HY 2004), it draws and retains the fat in the body and dissolve. It may be associated with various food supplements and therefore it is included in the composition of sveneol ® fat burner & slim burner. The NeOpuntia ® (nopal) will become your natural asset performance that boosts your search for thinness and health.

Moreover, it has been shown NeOpuntia ® (nopal) had the ability to balance blood lipid parameters which gives a lower cardiovascular risk and act positively on the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome (metabolic syndrome is the association of several clinical and laboratory abnormalities in multiplying by three the risk of cardio-vascular).

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