The current regulatory environment and day after day is becoming more demanding in France, you bring in all the guarantees essential to providing good care to Sveneol fat burner & slim burner and its ingredients.


The leaves of Opuntia ficus indica which resulted NeOpuntia ® is traditionally eaten for centuries by local people (South America, Southern Europe), the status of NeOpuntia ® is clear: it is a food ingredient.
Standard toxicological tests have confirmed its perfect safety.
Svetol ® is a natural extract and water soluble decaffeinated green coffee beans obtained using a conventional extraction process. In addition, Berkem uses green coffee beans, that is to say the coffee beans have not been denatured by roasting, preserving all the qualities of the raw material.
Berkem :
« We always use a traditional method of extraction to preserve the integrity of the plant in terms of composition and health benefits, » said Benoit Lemaire, Business Director at Berkem.

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