Svetol health benefit

Svetol ® (coffee extract, green coffee slimming) can significantly reduce the level of sugar circulating in the blood. Any interference of sugar above the energy requirement of your body is automatically converted into fat. Svetol ® (thin green beans) significantly limits the absorption of sugar promotes the removal and elimination of these fats, essential asset for dieting. Several epidemiological studies have Svetol sugarindicated that high consumption of coffee daily could reduce the risk factor for having type 2 diabetes. In addition, other research shows in fact that a large consumption of this beverage could improve glucose tolerance which gives a protective action of coffee vis-à-vis the type 2 diabetes.

Slimming Green CoffeeIts special composition has been carefully studied what this translates into an identification of the increased presence of chlorogenic acids, natural components concentrated in Svetol ® (thin green beans). These acids are present in a wide variety of food we eat daily, and their benefits has been demonstrated in several clinical studies. Moreover, these acids is an antioxidant that is on average twice a tea or drinking chocolate (Richelle et al study), limiting the oxidation of lipids in the liver. These results demonstrate the bioavailability of chlorogenic acid, present in Svetol ®, without degradation in absorption in the digestive tract in order to have an active effect on our bodies (works carried out in association with INRA Clermont-Ferrand and published).

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