All components Sveneol fat burner & slim burner is followed a strict quality control and a comprehensive traceability system to verify the grower to finished product. Certificates of analysis are established to complete each of our products with the essential characteristics of our ingredients.

  • The NeOpuntia, Svetol have no effect on toxicological tests could prove to be completely safe.
  • The Sveneol Slim burner & fat burner is guaranteed GMO free.
  • The NeOpuntia Svetol and contains no allergens listed by the European Directives.
  • Svetol NeOpuntia and are guaranteed without side effects.
  • NeOpuntia ® is a product of organic farming (certified by Ecocert SAS F32600)
  • Svetol ® is guaranteed 100% plant extract that is consistent with current European standards.
  • The Sveneol fat Slim & burner burner does not contain allergens, pesticides, heavy metals.
  • NeOpuntia ® is certified Vegetarian (The Vegetarian Society)
  • NeOpuntia ® is certified Kosher (European Kosher Certification Office)

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